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The way we move needs to change.

Crank delivers innovative transport projects focused on people and the planet.

We manage projects that change streets, but also help shift the conversations people have about transport and run events and programmes to expand the choices people have.

Crank is a consultancy that provides services and apps in Project Management, Communication, and Events.

Changing streets

Project Management, with heart.

We lead diverse teams of Council staff, consultants, and community partners to deliver projects to make streets better for people and the planet.

Our mission is to accelerate a shift to sustainable urban mobility. This commitment shows up in the innovation, energy and grit we bring to projects.

Over 2020/21 we've led the delivery of sixteen projects focused on making streets safer and more welcoming for all users.
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Shifting conversations

Communication & Engagement, led by listening.

Successfully transforming streets requires meaningfully engaging with the people who use them - before, during, and after the change.

Our approaches to Communication & Engagement are based on listening first, then helping build a shared understanding between communities and project teams.

We're also developing ways to do this at scale. So far in 2020/2021 we've received, triaged, and acted upon 250+ pieces of community input and feedback.
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Expanding choices

Events & programmes to get people moving.

Well-timed, targeted events smooth the ground for changing streets and build excitement and demand during project planning and installation.

We have team members with origins in grassroots community events and programmes that have attracted hundreds of of people, and we bring that thinking to our Event Strategy & Delivery and Walking & Cycling Programmes.

Over 2020/2021 we hosted 17 events, and ran a pilot programme at four primary schools that saw 80 young kids log more than 2,000km walking and cycling to school.
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Rethinking approaches

Process guidance to scale impact.

We love delivering projects that transform individual streets, but believe there is a need to change the way we all get around so it is better for people and the planet.

At Crank, to scale our impact, we look to create knowledge that can inform projects we might never have a hand in delivering. This can include detailed lessons learnt for our clients, or guidance for the whole industry.

In 2019/2020 we co-authored the Handbook for Tactical Urbanism in Aotearoa that was used by project teams in 32 cities to create 89km of interim street treatments.
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Our work.

Tactical Urbanism Handbook

Guidance used by teams in 32 cities to deliver 89km of street change projects.

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Rostrevor Street

Trial to 'stitch' together two adjacent green spaces by transforming a street to open public space.

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Ward Street

Tactical Urbanism trial including cycleway and improved pedestrian safety in a complex town centre environment.

Case study coming soon
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