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Better Buildings, Better Streets.

Like you, we're committed to creating a future much, much better for people and the planet.

Get your project cranking.

You've got an innovative project seeking to deliver better buildings or streets.

We can lead teams to get your project delivered, provide interaction with users, share your project with the world, or help upskill a community of practitioners.

Project Management
Your innovative project needs many moving parts coordinated towards a common vision. We can lead your project team, engage with stakeholders, and help pitch for funding.
Public Campaigns
You're breaking new ground with your project. We can maximise its impact in the world by sharing lessons learned along the way to inspire and empower others to follow.
Technical Guidance
In a position to shape the future of a sector? We can deliver detailed educational content for practitioners to help raise the bar in an industry and support communities of practice.
Apps + Websites
Engaging with users of buildings or streets can provide valuable insight with which to refine your project. We can deliver rapid working prototypes or full-fledged websites and apps to allow interaction with users.

Street projects that put people first.

Making streets safer and healthier requires a wide range of people on the journey with you. We're big believers in a coordinated approach that combines:
  • Tactical Urbanism to co-design and then test with users proposed changes to a street.
  • Programmes to trigger shift to active modes and create the social infrastructure for communities to maintain them over time.
  • Safe School Streets (current). Project Management of an 18-person team delivering tactical urbanism projects to make school streets safer at five sites across Auckland.
  • Community Play Street. Co-led a one-day street closure event attended by 1,500 people that kickstarted a community conversation around what safe streets look like.
  • Handbook for Tactical Urbanism in Aotearoa (current). Development of Tactical Urbanism Handbook for the nation's practitioners, including guidance for emergency responses to COVID-19.
  • Power Up Schools (current). Suite of interventions spanning street changes, active mode programmes, and events to boost walking and cycling at a pilot group of. Auckland schools.

Sustainable buildings to change the world.

Challenging the status quo in building is not easy. We've had the privilege of working with a small group of pioneers in the building sector who are not only daring to build better, but generously sharing with others what they've learned so the whole sector can improve.

  • Camp Glenorchy. Developed and executed a sustainability communication strategy for this Zero Energy visitor accommodation that included online content, onsite signage, and an app for guests to interact with the buildings and learn how they work.
  • Zero Energy House. Executed an online campaign for the first Zero Energy building that attracted over 100,000 people and introduced a new way of thinking about building.
  • Te Kōpua (ongoing). Co-led a finalists team in New Zealand's leg of the international C40 Reinventing Cities competition. Currently exploring the potential development of this project that aims to be the country's first Zero Carbon housing development.

Guidance to help practitioners create a better future.

  • sust.io This platform, operated by Crank, profiles some of New Zealand's leading sustainable buildings. By sharing the lessons, people and products behind them it makes it easier, faster and cheaper for others to follow.
  • Auckland Design Manual. The Sustainable Home Guide delivered for this city-wide design manual set out how to achieve outcomes around energy and water efficiency, health and comfort, waste, and long-term running costs.
  • Tactical Urbanism Guidance (current). We're currently working with a team to develop a national handbook for Tactical Urbanism, including guidance for emergency responses to COVID-19.

Interaction with users of buildings and streets via apps and websites.

  • Camp Glenorchy. This app is in-use by the thousands of guests that come through Camp Glenorchy each year. It allows interaction with the buildings and opportunities to learn about the sustainability approaches that make this New Zealand's first Zero Energy visitor accommodation site.
  • sust.io Crank's website that shares lessons behind leading-edge sustainable utilises a purpose-built scalable data platform that integrates projects, lessons learned, products, and professionals.
  • Walking Schools Bus + Bike Train app (ongoing). This prototype, currently in testing, makes it easier to set up and maintain active mode programmes for schools - and enables cross-school competition to keep kids engaged.