A bright power up logo including the tag line 'boosting walking and biking to school' and an image of a Power Up Bike Train

Power Up boosts the number of children walking and biking to school

Power Up encourages walking and biking to school which means healthier and more active children, increased community connection, decreased traffic around school areas, and reduced carbon emissions and vehicle noise. 

Four Auckland primary schools participated in 2021: Point Chevalier Primary School, Bayview Primary School, Helensville Primary School, and Upper Harbour Primary School.

Power Up Schools is delivered by Crank with support from Auckland Transport.
It is funded by the Waka Kotahi Innovating Streets for People programme.

Want to find out more?

The Power Up Schools Toolkit

Power Up brings together four tools to boost the number of children walking and biking to school. Tools are tailored to the unique needs and street environments of each participating school.

Support for Biking and Walking programmes
Fun, healthy competition via our app
Street Trials outside the school gate
Play Street events and places to play

Power Up - By The Numbers

Trips by children on Walking School Buses and Bike Trains at the participating schools are logged on an app used by parent coordinators. The charts below show a few interesting things we're seeing in the numbers. Got an idea for a new chart? Let us know...

Trips logged by year level (all schools)

'Trips logged' counts each time a child takes a Walking School Bus or Bike Train journey to school (morning trips only).

Questions for class
  • Why might some year levels log less (or more) trips than others?
  • Why are we showing 'preschool siblings'?

Trips logged, per Bike Train & Walking School Bus

This chart shows the total trips logged so far by each Bike Train or Walking School Bus. It's a close-run thing!

Questions for class
  • Why do you think Bayview has so many Walking School Buses?
  • Point Chevalier has both a Senior Bike Train and Junior Bike Train - what do you think the difference is?

Trips logged, per day

This shows the trips logged each day of the Power Up month.

Questions for class
  • Why do different days show different numbers of trips logged?
  • What could we do to increase the number of trips logged per day (let us know!)

Cumulative trips logged

'Cumulative' means increasing by addition. Each day we add the trips logged that day to the number of trips logged on all previous days.

Questions for class
  • What do you think the total will be on Friday April 16th - the last day of the Power Up month?

Distance travelled

This map shows the distance travelled by Power Up Bike Train and Walking School Bus children, if their trips were laid out end-to-end reaching out from the Auckland CBD.

Questions for class
  • How far do you think we'd get if Power Up ran for a whole year?

Want to find out more?

Submit your classroom's daily travel information with the Power Up Travel Tracker

The 'Travel Tracker' is a classroom wall chart where all children (not just those using the Power Up app for Walking School Buses and Bike Trains) can record how they came to school. Daily totals can be entered in this form. We'll share trends soon...

Log our rides!
Power Up will run over Term 1 & 2 of 2021.
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