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This project is one of a dozen featured as part of our Power Up 2.0 Tour of Aotearoa campaign. We're sharing stories from towns and cities across New Zealand that are trialling ways to make their streets safer and more liveable - especially for young kids. These stories are written for kids and, in some cases, the content is created by kids. Click here to learn more about Power Up 2.0 and see the projects featured.

Rostrevor Street

Kirikiriroa | Hamilton

Two central city roads in Hamilton have been closed for cars and opened up for people walking and biking to enjoy, complete with epic artwork on the ground to liven it up.

Hey kids!

Keep on reading to learn about the project and see cool photos from the street. At the end of the story look for 'things to think about' - questions you could discuss with friends and family.

Rostrevor Street

Project goal


Hamilton Kirikiriroa Innovating Streets is all about trying different layouts of two city streets - Rostrevor Street and Ward street. Hamilton City Council are on a mission to figure out how they can make these streets much nicer and safer for people to walk, bike and play. 

Image from hamilton.govt.nz


Hamilton City Council have given the streets a temporary makeover by closing the road to cars and opening them up for people - there’s some cool artwork on them and now, no cars! They’re now a ‘destination street’ - there will be cool art and awesome events that will show people that roads can be safe, fun and people-friendly and we need to make cities for people, not for cars. 

Image from hamilton.govt.nz


The project will stay in place from April until the end of June, and will make the street safer for people with temporary changes and events and fun activities. The aim is to see more people walking, biking, scootering and skating and having fun on the roads.

Image from hamilton.govt.nz

What did the project do?


Things to think about...